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Q: How Do I Enter on Film Freeway?

A: Click here for a Step by Step instructions for how to enter on FilmFreeway.


How is GTAHoliday different from the regular GTAs in May?

GTA Holiday focuses in on the trailers of the season. The key differences are the specialized categories and the format.

The format of the ‘celebration’ is a taped show that will stream online and during the celebration in New York City in December .. It will not be a live show like the one in May. It will be a party with the show playing live on line around the world and people celebrating in a festive space in New York City.


If I enter GTAHoliday – can I still enter into the original/ regular Golden Trailer Awards?

Yes, you can still enter the show in May. The Holiday show goes to highlight the trailers of the season and puts a spotlight on the second biggest box office time of the year.


Where is the celebration?

In New York City that first week of December.

What else is different about this show?

·      The Categories are completely different and focused on releases from 3Q and 4Q

·      We are creating a special version of our Golden Trailer trophy which will be a beautiful stand out in your trophy case.  They will be rare by design. Our hope is when you catch a glimpse of the special pearl GTA Holiday trophy or better yet ‘win’ one, it will remind you of the joy/good times, the friends/family times, the holiday times, the fun ‘escape’ to our imaginations, and why you got in to this industry.


Q: How much are entries and what are the deadlines?

A: The entries are centered around the Holiday theme.

Early Bird deadline is Oct. 8th 2018 (Columbus Day) $175

Regular Deadline is Oct. 31st 2018 (Halloween) $200

And Late Deadline is Nov. 9th, 2018 (Chaos Never Dies day – which was a new one to us too) $225

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Q: How do I enter?

A: You enter on the FilmFreeway site. There are red buttons all over this site that will lead you to the Film Freeway site. Like this one:


Q: What  is the Golden Trailer Awards?

A: The Golden Trailer Awards is the entertainment industry’s most highly regarded and fun-filled celebration devoted to the year’s most outstanding achievements in motion picture and television marketing.  The show has emerged as the most anticipated event acknowledging the work of filmmakers, producers, marketing executives and companies that create movie trailers, commercials and posters, worldwide. The Annual Hollywood Award Ceremony is held in May in Los Angeles and kicks off the busy Summer movie season. 


Q: Why are you doing another event?

A: We are kicking off the inaugural Holiday Show as a complimentary show to the annual Golden Trailer Awards in Los Angeles. Golden Trailer Holiday is a more consumer focused, streaming property which will recognize the best seasonal trailers of 2018.


Q: What are the categories?

A: Here is a link to the category page

FAQ 10

Q: What do I win?

A: The Winners for GTA Holiday will receive a special Holiday version of the classic GTA Trophy.  Winner received one trophy per category and one ticket to the Holiday Cocktail Party Reception and Screening. One Award code is given per win, which allows the winners to fill out the customizable lines exactly how they wish to appear on their award trophy.  Duplicate awards may be ordered for clients and contributors by clicking through ‘Trophy’ button on goldentrailer.com.  Poster category winners will receive the GTA Holiday plaque which contains the artwork of the winning poster and two tickets to the inaugural Holiday Reception which will take place in NYC.

FAQ 11

Q: Who is on the jury?

A: The jury for GTA Holiday Show will consist of industry heavyweights: top Film Directors, Commercial Directors, Producers, Celebs, Studio Executives, Film Festival Directors and Advertising Creative Directors. Once judging is underway, we are revealing our prestigious jury for the kick off Golden Trailer Holiday Show.

FAQ 12

Q: Is there a requirement that my trailer be for a movie with a theatrical release?

A: There is no restriction that a trailer have been for a film that had a traditional ‘theatrical’ release. The emergence of streaming platforms has negated restrictions such as ‘theatrical release’ requirements.

The submissions for Best Breakout can be for filmmakers with completed feature length films, seeking to Breakout and attract a distribution deal. For Best Breakout category can be for a fundraiser trailer, so there is no requirement that the trailer be for a completed movie for this category.

FAQ 14

Q: Are Teasers eligible?

A: Yes, you would just enter them as ‘Trailers’ in to the appropriate genre category.

FAQ 15

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for my Movie Trailer (Teaser) Entries?

A: Trailers must be under 4 minutes and 30 seconds long (no exceptions). Creation dates for Trailers: In order to be eligible, the trailer must have been cut between TAX DAY - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 and November 16th, 2018. Please note, the date requirements are based on creation date of the trailer NOT the film.

FAQ 16

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for my TV Spot Submissions?

A: TV Spot entries must be 90 seconds or under (no exceptions). In order to be eligible, the TV Spot must have been created between TAX DAY - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 through November 16th, 2018. Please note, the eligibility window is the creation date of the TV spot itself and must be for a program that airs on a streaming platform or a traditional broadcast network.

FAQ 17

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for my Video Game Entries Trailer Entries?

 A: Video Game Trailers must be under 4 minutes and 30 seconds long (no exceptions). In order to be eligible, the Video Game Trailer must have been created/produced/edited between TAX DAY - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 through November 16th, 2018. The Video Game Trailer submission must a current 2018 or upcoming 2019 video game release.

FAQ 18

Q: What is the maximum size trailer I can submit?

A: Maximum up-loadable size for trailers is 200MB (please note, the larger the file, the longer the upload for larger files, please be patient if you have a slow connection)

FAQ 19

Q: Can I have a ‘company slate’ or ‘bars and tone’ on my submission?

A: Please NO “bars and tone”, NOR “Company Slates” on the front of the trailer. The trailer should begin just after you hit play

FAQ 20

Q: What is the creation date requirement for Poster Entries?

A: The entry requirement dates for ‘poster’ are based on creation date, not release date. In order to qualify for best poster category, the poster would have to be created after April 16th, 2018 and by the submission cut off date of November 16th, 2018. The poster must have been made for a film being released or promoted for 3Q/4Q or Holiday 2018 Season, but there is no requirement that the poster have a holiday theme. Maximum up-loadable size for posters is 20MB

FAQ 21

Q: What eligibility requirements does my trailer need to meet in order to qualify as a foreign film?

A: In order to qualify as a Foreign film, over 50% of the principal photography must have been shot outside the United States, and additionally a minimum of 50% of the funding must come from outside the United States. Entrants for Best Foreign Holiday can be live action or animated.